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Fernando Alonso: I struggle a bit more when I go from F1 to WEC

Fernando Alonso won his debut WEC race, the Six Hours of Spa two weeks ago and that was the first time the Spaniard took home a victory after his last Grand Prix win five years ago.

That has got to count for something for the two-time world champion.

Alonso admitted it is hard to get used to the needs of endurance racing like LMP1. But the sweet victory has won him over.

“I struggle a bit more when I go from F1 to WEC because the driving styles are so different. When I come back to F1, I’m comfortable straight away because this is my natural driving style.

“I’m closer to the limit in F1, you need to maximise and get perfection every lap. In WEC you have to be super flexible and open mind in anything. You will not repeat laps in six hours, because of traffic, tyre age, everything. That’s quite good for me because you have to adapt really quickly. It’s part of what makes WEC special — how much you have to adapt every lap.”

The McLaren driver has embraced the full WEC season this year with blessings of the Woking outfit’s management, making him one of the busiest F1 drivers on the grid. The allure of having Alonso competing in WEC is so great that one promoter moved up their race just to adjust to the Spaniard’s F1 schedule.

The Spanish media has been carrying stories about Alonso quitting F1 at the end of the season and moving to a different series, possibly WEC and IndyCar. But nothing is confirmed as of now.

Alonso will be in play at the Monaco GP next. The Grand Prix will clash with the Indy500 which is on the Spaniard’s ‘to win’ list to complete his ambition of winning the triple crown of motor racing. He will then race at Le Mans 24 hours challenge scheduled for June 16-17.

At some point in time, he is bound to go back to IndyCar to compete again in the series since his last attempt in 2017 failed due to an engine problem.

It won’t be surprising if Alonso hangs up his F1 driver uniform to pick up the WEC and Indy gig from next year. For all we know, he could race with McLaren even there.



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