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Pirelli again skips Supersoft step in Singapore GP selection

Formula 1 tyre supplier Pirelli has opted to skip the Supersoft step in its compound selections for the Singapore Grand Prix.

Pirelli missed out the red-banded rubber in China and drivers backed the move, with the approach leading to a variety of strategies, calling for the company to make more non-linear compound choices at future Grands Prix.

Such a tactic has been employed for upcoming events in Germany and Hungary, and Pirelli confirmed on Thursday that it will again miss a step in Singapore.

The Hypersoft – which made its Grand Prix weekend debut in Monaco last weekend  – Ultrasoft and Soft tyres will be available for Formula 1’s night race.

It marks the third successive non-linear compound choices made by Pirelli – though it has yet to select rubber for Grands Prix in Belgium and Italy, due to different time constraints for European rounds.

As per usual, drivers will have 13 sets of tyres available for the Grand Prix weekend, from which they are allowed free choice of the three nominated compounds for 10 of their sets.



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