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Golovkin’s trainer has revealed the real reason Canelo Alvarez rematch might be cancelled

To say that Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez II has been difficult is to wildly understate things.

The two fighters are some of the absolute best around and aimed to settle any debate about dominance in their weight class when they first met in September of last year.

But that fight ended in a split-decision draw, immediately sparking talk of a rematch.

After the usual negotiations, it was announced in January that the two would meet once again on May 5, 2018 in what was supposed to be the biggest fight of the year.

And then, on March 5th, Alvarez failed two drugs tests and was suspended for six months.

That was of no surprise to GGG, who has long accused Alvarez of not being entirely natural, and the middleweight champion declared that he'd fight someone else on May 5 – which he did, knocking out American Vanes Martirosyan inside two rounds.

And so attention turned back to when Golovkin and Alvarez will finally get back into the ring together – only it now looks less likely than ever.

Why exactly that's the case depends on who you listen to, with Golden Boy Promotions, Alvarez's management, claiming that the hurdles their client was asked to jump through to show he was clean simply proved that Golovkin has no desire to fight.

Golovkin's manager Tom Loeffler paints a different picture, however.

“He [Golovkin] wants a more fair split from Canelo than what he agreed to May 5,” said Loeffler. “I’d like to still find a way to work it out, but sounds like Golden Boy and Canelo are digging their heels in and saying Triple G doesn’t want to fight him.

“Triple G is not the one who failed the drug tests. He feels out of respect he deserves for it to be even.”

That does sound like a perfectly reasonable request on their part – why should Alvarez hold onto a bigger share of the purse after putting it all in jeopardy?

“Gennady is frustrated,” Loeffler said. “He agreed to all the terms for May 5, and he would have abided by those terms, but because Canelo wasn’t careful with what went into his body, he should get a higher more even split.

“I think it’s a shame. This is the biggest fight in the sport of boxing. I think it’s a shame if both sides can’t figure out a way to make this fight happen.”



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