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Caroline Wozniacki reveals ‘stupid’ reason why she was skipping Rome

In the last five editions of the Rome Open, Caroline Wozniacki competed just twice, in 2015 and this year. She missed the event in 2014, 2016 and 2017 due to pollen. 'Yeah, actually I haven't played for a few years,' Wozniacki explained in her press conference.

'It really was difficult for me, as stupid as it sounds. I was getting fevers, and I was really feeling awful. But this year I took a bit of a different approach. I started to take my allergy medication already last week.

And apparently they said that that's supposed to help build it up for this week. Then I tried some different medications. As soon as I got here, I started sneezing and not feeling good. So they put me on some different stuff, and it's been helping.

So far, so good. I also think the rain has helped that it's kept it down. So, I'm okay for now.' About this problem present in other tournaments, she said, 'Honestly, not really. Sometimes Wimbledon on the warm days.

But I just take a Claritin, and I'm completely fine. So, this is the only place. It usually goes away when I go into the city. So it must be something about the trees or something that is right above the courts.'



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