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‘Shapovalov shares some similarities with Roger Federer’

Best times for Richard Gasquet are probably behind. The Frenchman is currently ranked as the world no. 34, with a career-high ranking as the no. 7 attained in 2007. Gasquet, however, isn't contemplating retirement and interviewed by Le Monde, he said that tries to take inspiration from some of his colleagues. 'I am not that young anymore but seeing 30-year-olds still at the top still gives me the willing for the future,' Gasquet said. 'At 31 years, you can still improve, serve better, improve some aspects of your tennis.

(Roger) Federer is the perfect example. He plays fewer tournaments, changes his game (by) playing shorter rallies, adapts his training regime to his age. Players are much more prepared than when I came on the Tour in the 2000s, there is much more professionalism in the fitness preparation.

That's why careers are longer.' Speaking about the continuing domination by the older players, Gasquet said, 'Nowadays, there are very good younger, but not unbelievable champions. (Pete) Sampras, (Rafael) Nadal, (Mats) Wilander, (Boris) Becker won a Grand Slam title at 18 years of age.

(Alexander) Zverev, (Denis) Shapovalov, (Nick) Kyrgios are very strong and they will probably win Slams, two or three maybe, but they won't mark the game like Federer, Nadal or (Novak) Djokovic? I am not sure. After all, everything is possible: Federer became very strong around 22, 23 years.

Shapovalov has some similarities with him and is only 19.' Speaking about the possible change to the format of the Davis Cup in 2019, Gasquet commented: 'To play Davis Cup in Asia three weeks after Bercy at the end of the season, I don't see it (happening).'



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