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Roger Federer thinks prize money should be increased in tennis

During the ABN AMRO world Tournament in Rotterdam in February, Roger Federer was back to speak about the prize money in tennis, after that in January Novak Djokovic would have called for an increase during a meeting with players and tournaments.

'We don't have an agreement with Grand Slams for the next hundred years, so it will always be in discussion', admitted Federer. 'We want more, they want to pay less. That's why it will always be in discussion, and rightly so.

We both need each other. I was in this discussion five or six years ago for a prize money increase at Grand Slam level. A lot of tournaments are investing heavily and doing a lot. I think for players it's important to understand the tournaments' aspects and viceversa.

We are on the Tour every week, and they have one week to protect their costs, and they work for 49 weeks a year basically for one event.' Players outside of top 100-150 struggle to live of tennis and that's something Federer doesn't want to see: 'I think with media coverage and everything what's happening now, tennis is on the rise.

We make a lot of money especially at the top, but I would love to see more players profiting from prize money increase. Because it's better already but there is still a long way to go comparing to other sports', said Federer, adding that he won't be too involved into it. 



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