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Messi Bought His Neighbour’s House

An FC Barcelona player has revealed that Lionel Messi once bought his neighbour’s house because they were relatively loud.

Croatian midfielder Ivan Rakitic recently gave some insight into how he and a few of his Barca teammates live in their private lives, saying the Argentine purchased the house next to his, so he could have peace and quiet when he is at home.

“With the neighbours (he) has no problem, as it is, for example, had Messi when he bought a house in Castelldefels,” Rakitic told Croatian outlet Novi List.

“The neighbours were a bit loud, so Leo had to buy their house to be alone.”

Rakitic also revealed some of the details to Luis Suarez’s recent birthday.

“I know people think a footballer’s life is all glamour, crazy parties… but recently Suarez invited me to his 30th birthday, and it was the same as if any of you invited me: we bought him presents, sat down, had a dinner, conversation, had some fun and that is it,” he added.

“The majority of players at Barca, including Messi, Suarez and me, are family people and avoid parties and bars.”



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