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Richard Sherman Responds To Joe Thomas Over Criticism Of His New Contract

Cleveland Browns legend Joe Thomas was recently critical of Richard Sherman’s new contract with the San Francisco 49ers, and the cornerback hit back quickly.

Thomas claimed that the new contract wasn’t great for the former Seahawks star, and tweeted in part, “You really feel bad for Richard Sherman, but this is clearly a case of ego getting in the way of his pocket book. He got absolutely crushed on this contract while working as his own agent.”

Sherman fired back with, “It’s actually a case of believing in who I am as a player while also coming of a major injury. But I appreciate ya input.”

I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on negotiating contracts, but it doesn’t seems like Sherman got a ton of guaranteed money in his new contract.

It’s pretty easy to agree with Thomas here on the surface. Sherman only scored a $5 million signing bonus and a $2 million base salary. That’s chump change by NFL standards.

Sherman, however, has already made a ton of money. Maybe playing for the 49ers is more important to him than just the money. That decision comes down to each individual player. At the end of the day, if Sherman is happy with the deal then that’s all that matters.



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