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Inside The Contract Of Bucs CB Grimes

The Bucs plugged a hold in the secondary (at least for one more year) on Monday when they brought back the age-defying wonder, cornerback Brent Grimes. Tampa Bay gave Grimes, who had been contemplating retirement this offseason, a one-year deal with reports of it being worth up to $10 million.

That number would put Grimes in high company on the NFL cornerback pay scale. And while that number is accurate, it won’t be a simple one to reach. has learned Grimes base salary for 2018 begins at $7 million, and with high play time, it can reach $8.5 million. In order to reach the $10 million figure Grimes will have to make the Pro Bowl, the Bucs will need to reach the playoffs, and Grimes will need to collect four interceptions.

After three straight Pro Bowl seasons in Miami, Grimes who turns 35 in July. signed a two-year, $16.5 million deal with the Bucs in 2016. He was the team’s top cornerback for two consecutive year, recording seven interceptions in 29 games played.s He played in all 16 of the team’s regular season games in 2016, but had injuries creep up on him in the preseason and during the regular season, which forced him to only play 13 of the 16 games.



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