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Nico Hulkenberg Unhappy With Halo and Ban on Grid Girls

Renault Sport F1 Team‘s Nico Hülkenberg has expressed his unhappiness over the recent decisions made in Formula 1 surrounding the Halo and eliminating grid girls from the sport.

Formula 1’s new owners, Liberty Media recently announced the removal of grid girls starting in 2018, with ‘Grid Kids’ replacing them for the foreseeable future, with the announcement of removing the girls hit with many negative comments.

Sports outside of F1 such as Darts and Cycling have also made the decision to end the practice of using promotional girls in their respected events, while multiple drivers have spoke their thoughts on the news over the removal, including Renault’s Hülkenberg .

The Renault driver spoke to Germany’s No Sports Magazine who states the decision is “further step back for the show” and felt the sport’s appeal was increased by the girls standing in front of the cars.

“Some hot girls in front of the cars is only good for that whole side of it,” said Hulkenberg.

Hülkenberg also spoke about the Halo cockpit protection system, which has been mandatory in the sport starting this year. Whilst this has been a push for safety in single-seater racing, it has caused a lot of negative comments for its design.

However, Hülkenberg went a step further and questioned the use of the halo, saying it drivers are aware of the risk they’re taking when racing.

“Not only does it look stupid, but the likelihood is minimal that an accident will happen in which Halo is actually helpful,” said the German.  “Motor sport thrives on speed, and all the drivers are aware of that.”

Whilst drivers and fans are unhappy about the FIA’s introduction of the halo, the safety element was inevitable to be introduced following the death of the late Justin Wilson in 2015 during a Verizon IndyCar Series race at Pocono Raceway. However, IndyCar have recently been trialling a windscreen option rather than the Halo device.



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