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Jimmy Garoppolo’s Contract Isn’t As Bad As Initially Thought, But Still Pretty Outrageous

Details of Jimmy Garoppolo’s new contract with San Francisco 49ers have become public, and it’s not as bad as people initially painted it to be.

Garoppolo’s total deal is worth $137.5 million, but only $50 million appears to be fully guaranteed, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Well, this deal looks way better than the initial numbers thrown around. Yes, he does have a little more than $74 million guaranteed if he suffers a career ending injury, but they can cut him after two seasons and only be out a little more than $60 million.

That’s still an absurd number to pay a guy that hasn’t played many games, but it’s way better than paying him a guaranteed number north of $75 million.

I still think this deal is really dumb, but the 49ers have some outs here if Garoppolo turns out to suck. They front loaded it with a few guarantees, but it’s not too risky long term. Now he just needs to go out there and prove he’s worth all this crazy money they just tossed his way.



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