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Ex-MLB pitchers Dan Haren, Jered Weaver hilariously roast themselves

Former MLB pitchers Dan Haren and Jered Weaver had some fun roasting themselves via Twitter on Wednesday.

The Athletic reporter Pedro Moura tweeted that Dodgers pitcher plans to pitch out of the stretch this season rather than use a windup when nobody is on base.

Alex Wood intends to pitch out of the stretch throughout 2018. He said he had an epiphany to scrap his delivery in September, watching Stephen Strasbourg pitch against the Dodgers.

Naturally, that led to a hilarious joke from Haren.

Then Jered Weaver chimed in:

When a fan commented that they remembered Weaver for his time with the Padres — he had a 7.44 ERA in nine starts — the pitcher had a nice retort.

The pitchers may be clowning on themselves — and the jokes are solid — but let’s not forget that they each made three All-Star teams. While the end of their respective careers may have been rough, both were very good pitchers. Weaver was a top-five finisher in Cy Young voting three times. That should not be forgotten, despite the jokes.



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