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This week In the NBA.: 5 things You May have Missed

Here are five things you may have missed during this week in the NBA.

If by some chance you’ve missed the last few days — let alone the last week — of headlines in the NBA, it’s seemed to resemble a soap opera more than a basketball league. Yes; games have been played, records have been broken. However, the real headlines are the fights, the losing streaks and the high school-esque nature surrounding a certain individual involved with the game. But more on that later.

Around the league, the Celtics are surging once again. When some believed Boston was falling apart, the Celtics picked up the pieces and picked up right where they left off. Boston boasts a 7-3 record in its last 10 games, the league’s second best record and a six-game winning streak. Meanwhile, the Cavs continue to struggle as the gap between the two widens, but the Raptors are right there to put pressure on the Celtics. Cleveland isn’t exactly a lock for the three seed either. The Miami Heat have won six straight and have surged to the four seed, just a few games back of Cleveland. Miami is a dark horse squad who could make the playoff hunt at the top of the East incredibly more interesting.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the West’s playoff picture largely remains the same. The Rockets have strung together a little win streak of their own, keeping them afloat for the second seed. However, the Spurs and Timberwolves aren’t too far behind. The Blazers have begun to capitalize on the Thunder’s mistakes, taking over the fifth seed, but the gap between the fourth and fifth seed is growing.

Here are five things you may have missed in a mayhem filled week around the Association.



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