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Rafael Nadal:’It’s difficult to know exactly what it is now. [It] is difficult to know exactly the muscle.

Rafael Nadal was disappointed and sad after retiring in the early stages of the fifth set against Marin Cilic, who prevailed 3-6, 6-3, 6-7(5), 6-2, 2-0 (retd.). The world no. 1 said he was feeling pain in the high part of his right leg, but the knee was okay.

'It's difficult to know exactly what it is now. [It] is difficult to know exactly the muscle. Just happened minutes ago. This type of injury is difficult to know immediately,' Nadal said in press conference.

'Tomorrow I am going to do a test, an MRI here, then we will know. I started to feel the muscle little bit tired in the third but playing normal, no limits, no limitation. Then in the fourth at one movement, one drop shot I think, I felt something.

At that moment I thought something happened, but I didn't realize how bad, how bad was what's going on in that moment. My leg was blocked, I couldn't sustain pain anymore.' Speaking of the lost opportunity he had, Nadal commented, '[It] is not the first time an opportunity that is gone for me.

I am a positive person, and I can be positive, but today is an opportunity lost to be in the semifinals of a Grand Slam and fight for an important title for me, no? In this tournament already happened a couple of times in my life, so it's really I don't want to say frustration, but is really tough to accept, especially after a tough December that I had without having a chance to start in Abu Dhabi and then Brisbane.

Yeah, I worked hard to be here. We did all the things that we believed were the right things to do to be ready. I think I was ready. I was playing okay. Yeah, I was playing a match that anything could happen: could win, could lose.

I'm being honest. He was playing good, too. That's the real thing. But I was fighting for it. I was two sets to one up. Yeah, just accept, recover, come back home, stay with my people, and keep going. Maybe if I had the chance to work as hard as I worked last year, maybe will not happen.

But was not the case. I had the knee, and I had to go slower, step-by-step.' Speaking about the many injuries that are influencing the ATP Tour, Nadal added: 'Somebody who is running the tour should think a little bit about what's going on.

Too many people getting injured. I don't know if they have to think a little bit about the health of the players. Not for now that we are playing, but there is life after tennis. I don't know if we keep playing in this very, very hard surfaces what's going to happen in the future with our lives.' 



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