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The Patriots want blood, the Vikings want to make history, and Eagles fans just want to make the championship game

The NFL divisional round kicks off on Saturday with Atlanta at Philadelphia, where the Eagles will have to defend their no.

1 seed without Carson Wentz against a team that looks poised for another deep postseason run. In the night slot, the Patriots host the Titans, and depending on how much you buy the story about the power struggle in Foxborough, the Titans will either pull off the upset or be annihilated by a 10-foot-tall, fire-breathing Tom Brady (and possibly a few less-heralded contributors).

On Sunday, the Jaguars visit Pittsburgh for the early game, and we get to see how much influence a fictional dead TV character exerts on the NFL playoffs.

In the final game of the weekend, Minnesota hosts New Orleans in the first postseason meeting between these two teams since January 2010. If the Vikings win, they’ll have the chance to #DefendtheNorth in the NFC championship game and possibly become the first team to ever play the Super Bowl on its home turf.



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