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What Lleyton Hewitt has said about Bernard Tomic

Bernard Tomic appears to be digging himself a huge hole that he may never get out of, following comments made after his exit from the third round of qualifying for the Australian Open.

The comments have drawn the attention of Davis Cup captain Lleyton Hewitt, who warned this hole may be too big for Tomic.

The Australian once had a promising career, reaching the quarter finals at Wimbledon in 2011 and being ranked as high as 17th in the world just two years ago, but he has seen that ranking slump to 168.

It has been a bizarre turn of events for the player after what looked to be a solid upward curve, and his comments at the Open drew even more controversy

"I just count money, that's all I do. I count my millions," Tomic said. "You go do what I did. Bye bye."

Tomic has created headlines for various remarks in the past and this was just the latest in that line, and Hewitt has stepped up and commented that it is perhaps too late for the once promising player to rebuild his career following all that he has said and done.

"For me, he's made some mistakes and it'll be a long way back. He's digging a big hole for himself that he may never get out of," Hewitt said.

Australia are all set to host Germany for the World Group first round of the Davis Cup, played in Brisbane.

Hewitt does not see Tomic representing his country again, and he had some strong words for Tomic despite praising him for at least trying to qualify for the Australian Open.



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