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From Wojnarowski: “Boston has remained vigilant on the possibility of acquiring Davis, and Davis knows it”

The Boston Celtics have the most wins in the NBA, but not even that can completely put a lid on trade rumors — especially when they pertain to Anthony Davis.

A new report from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski delves into the current status of the New Orleans Pelican star, a transcendent talent stuck on a mediocre team who, above all else, wants to win.

Davis spoke about his current situation in New Orleans, and the team’s potential to build. Most interesting though, was this note on the omnipresent trade rumors that have circled over Davis, and how the Celtics have created a habit of keeping an eye on his trade market.

From Wojnarowski:

“Boston has remained vigilant on the possibility of acquiring Davis, and Davis knows it. However, the Pelicans have no intention of trading an all-world talent under contract through 2021, no matter the return.”

Davis was the center of trade rumors this past offseason and entering the 2017-2018 campaign with expectations that a deal could be in the works. But entering camp this year, Davis revealed that he met with general manager Dell Demps, who assured him that the team had no plans to move him.

However, Davis is aware of the landscape of the league. Talking to Wojnarowski, he cites recent examples of DeMarcus Cousins with the Kings and Isaiah Thomas with the Celtics: players who were either told they wouldn’t be traded, or seemed to be a part of the team’s emotional core.

Davis says that he’s unsure as to how much promises can be kept when it comes to the cutthroat business of NBA trades.

More from Davis, according to Wojnarowski:

“It makes you wonder: Does this organization really have my back? I’ve been loyal to this organization. I love it here. I love this team. I think we’re moving in the right direction. DeMarcus, Rondo, some other players that are helping us, but people get judged on winning. And I want to win.”

Davis a four-time All-Star and perennial MVP candidate, but is still just 25 years old and signed through the 2021 season. He remains one of the most valuable basketball trade chips on the planet.

The 2017-18 season is shaping up to be another dominant one for Davis, who currently averaging 25.7 points and 10.8 rebounds per game.

No deal for Davis is imminent, not with the way the Pelican are committing to him. However, as recent trades have shown, team attitudes toward “untouchable” players can change.

Meanwhile, with the way the Celtics are playing, it’d be a huge risk to blow up the team’s current makeup in the effort to swing a megadeal.



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