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Return of the Big Four. Should we expect Andy Murray or NO

Murray's 2016 was epic. After adding a second Wimbledon title he went on a tear that overturned a massive Djokovic lead in the rankings. He took advantage of a noticeable dip in form for Djokovic after he had won the French Open and finally got the career slam and Murray seemingly wore his body out from playing so much.

He finished 2016 in pole position in the rankings and with a collection of titles under his belt that made that position thoroughly deserved. 2017 was a disappointment as he struggled to find the same form and then succumbed to injury, somewhat predictable given his exertions the previous year.

It meant he dropped down the rankings considerably – as Federer had a year earlier with his absence through injury – and that we didn't get to see his feisty and skilled game of tennis as usually, we would. Murray is still only 30.

He's been around well over a decade and has achieved more than most ever will – three grand slam titles, two Olympic gold medals in singles, a Davis Cup winner, 14 Masters titles, the most wins ever at Queen’s Club in London (5) and much more.

He's deserved of his spot in the Big Four and shouldn't be compared directly with the others. Should he manage a sustained period of fitness and grow back into his game, finding his winning stride, he can not only trouble anyone on his day, but he will know with his vast well of experience that there's little to fear and little he cannot achieve.

The Australian Open may well fall too early in the season for his return and for any genuine hope of success, the one he so genuinely deserves after losing the final on multiple occasions, but he should never be counted out.

It's certainly as much mental as physical with Murray. Without Lendl in his corner now, does he have what it takes to keep calm between the ears and do the damage on a tennis court he previously has? His ability is undeniable.

Whether he can return to the heights of his past glories is a harder one to predict perhaps than with the others. It'll be fascinating to watch his progress in the coming months. Let's hope he gets a good run on the ATP tour now without his body letting him down.

He's probably got his mind right for the task ahead, let's hope. Andy Murray is a compelling character to watch on the tennis court with a skillful game of power and touch, with every possible shot in his arsenal. It's going to be great to have him back.

Let's see if big things are yet to come, and if he finds his best form another grand slam title to add to his three existing ones is more than a possibility. Perhaps Wimbledon being his most likely shot!



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