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Luck has a way with the Patriots, especially with those who truly despise Bill’s Boys.

Now luck comes in many shapes and forms, and most Pats fans will say luck has very little or nothing to do with 17 years of dominance, certainly nothing to do with Sunday’s 27-24 somewhat miraculous victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Not lucky, merely miraculous! You’ve seen it before.

Luck can be good, luck can be bad, luck can be no luck at all, luck can be nothing but luck.

Take Buffalo Bills rookie cornerback Tre’Davious White. He had plenty of luck when Rob Gronkowski landed a flying salami on him, as in White didn’t break his back or any other bony appendage.

That was good luck for White, and Gronkowski and the Pats, too.

Or how about Steelers tight end Jesse James. With the apparent winning touchdown in hand last Sunday he decided to reach out and touch the ground before he reached in and tucked the ball.

Bad luck, Jesse, or as Bill Belichick would say, “That’s no luck at all. It’s the rules.”

Yes, the Hate-triots Fan Club is losing their collective minds and souls when proclaiming how much luck can one team possess — the tuck rule, Malcolm Butler, 28-3, “survive the ground” . . . nothing but luck. Nothing but a horseshoe placed firmly . . .

Look, the haters snarl, they got Tom Brady in the sixth round, No. 199 overall. That’s nothing but luck.

And every time the Pats play a big game, one of the opponents gets injured, Antonio Brown being the latest example Sunday. Hey, don’t get hurt and whine about it, you Hate-triots!

Yes, the Patriots are heading to their eighth straight first-round bye.Now, if you want, that’s just the luck of the draw.



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