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The hard work of Bucs at One Buc Palace

While everyone else was out shoveling grub and liquor down their gullets and watching football, the Bucs were hard at work at One Buc Palace.

And, as with any Thursday practice leading to a game, an injury report is released. Yesterday, Mr. Beasting Robert Ayers, Vernon Hargreaves and Evan Smith each missed their second straight day of practices this week.

Ayers and Smith are in concussion protocol (usually — but not always — that means a player misses a game) and Hargreaves is still dealing with a nasty hamstring injury.

Even if all three are limited in glorified walk-throughs today, that does not bode well for their availability for Sunday’s showdown in Billy Sherman’s favorite firepit, Atlanta.

This is a season make-or-break game in Joe’s eyes.

It could also be a trap game for the Dixie Chicks as they are coming off a thrilling win at Seattle and had to fly back cross-country after a Monday night game and play on a short week with Thanksgiving thrown in. Bucs need all hands on deck.



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