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Pelicans-Nuggets postgame 16 quotes

Head Coach Alvin Gentry

On the game: “It sucked. It sucked. It sucked. That’s my thoughts on the game. We didn’t do anything right, and everything was terrible, coaching included. It was an embarrassment. We embarrassed our franchise, and that includes everyone.”

On Anthony Davis’ status: “I don’t know yet. I have to check with the doctors.”

New Orleans Pelicans Guard Rajon Rondo

On tonight’s loss: “You learn from it. You take down film, you continue to stay together and you learn from it. The next game is in 48 hours. That’s the beauty of the NBA, you get another chance at it in a couple days.”

On the Nugget’s hot start: “They hit everything. I’m pretty sure they were shooting about 70% in the first six minutes of the game. Everything was easy, we didn’t make it hard on them. We didn’t get into the ball. It starts with the guards and it starts with myself and it was a trickle-down effect.”

On the impact of Anthony Davis leaving the game with an injury: “You know, he’s one of our leaders. He went down, but I think, for the most part, we were still able to get good looks but we missed them. Give them credit, they ran us off the three a little bit and made us take different shots. We didn’t get back in transition. We knew they were in the top 3 three teams in transition coming into the game and they took advantage of that as well.”

New Orleans Pelicans Guard E’Twaun Moore

On what they did right when they cut the Nugget’s large deficit: “We got stops. We let them feel us. We were active, we came in there with high hands so they couldn’t make easy passes and just tried to make it tough for them.”

On the Anthony Davis injury: “I actually didn’t see it so I don’t know. I just saw him go down. I really couldn’t see it so I don’t even know.”

On how the loss of Anthony Davis changed the game: “We just got to keep playing, no matter who is in there. No matter if [Anthony Davis], [DeMarcus Cousins] or anybody, we just got to keep playing. Today we didn’t and that’s something we have to work on.”



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