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Michael Schumacher’s wife and daughter have taken part in a French rodeo event in Lyon

Corinna and Gina Schumacher displayed their equestrian skills at the Euro Derby in Lyon, run by the National Reining Horse Association, the Mirror reported.

Gina, Schumacher’s daughter opted to wear a stetson rather than a riding helmet as she took the horse around the arena.

Corinna Schumacher is an equestrian enthusiast and a host of the Euro Derby. She also owns two ranches, one in the United States and another in France.

Michael Schumacher, one of the greatest drivers in the history of Formula 1, is still recuperating from the severe head injuries he sustained in a skiing accident in France on December 29 2013. Details of his condition remain scarce with the family spokesman insisting that no public comment will be made about his recovery.

Schumacher’s family remain fiercely protective of his privacy. In July 2015 Mrs Schumacher successfully sued three tabloids – Bunte, Freizeit Revue and Freizeit Spaß – over wildly speculative reports over his health. Ruling against the magazines, the court found that the coverage had “removed his privacy and was the subject of speculative hope and voyeuristic observation”.



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