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Ferrari leaving F1: it was the only team in Formula One that has been there since the start of the sport

THE world of F1 was left in shock after Ferrari announced it could be quitting the sport in the near future, but they could be set to make a fortune.

Ferrari are jut one of the teams annoyed at new rules set to be introduced by owners Liberty Media.

Chairman Sergio Marchionne revealed that if the plans, which could cut Ferrari’s earnings, went through, then they would consider pulling out of the sport.

He said that F1 has been part of our DNA since the day we were born. So it’s not as if we can define ourselves differently.

“But if we change the sandbox to the point where it becomes an unrecognisable sandbox, I don’t want to play any more.”

Many expected that Marchionne was bluffing, in order to put himself at a better position for negotiation.

But, according to the Independent, were Ferrari to leave F1, then they would make £100million more.

With Liberty Media announcing that all teams would earn the same under new rules and a new expensive engine could send Ferrari’s F1 spending go through the roof.

Should Ferrari get rid of all F1 expenses, then they would be left with a £101m usually spent on the sport.

Now, Marchionne is said to be weighing up their savings against the advertising they get from F1.

Former F1 Chairman Bernie Ecclestone revealed that their threat to quit was very real, and could happen as soon as next year.



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