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A Sports Illustrated Model On An ATV Might Be The Best Thing You See Today

Sports Illustrated swimsuit rookie Alexis Ren had herself a day down in Aruba on an ATV.

SI’s official swimsuit Instagram account posted several photos and videos of Ren down in Aruba for her photoshoot, and we all know everything gets better when you include an ATV.

The popular account captioned the videos and photos, “It’s time for an ATV ride to the natural pool!”

I have an ATV, and they are the coolest things ever. You can whip around on those things faster than a car. Add in a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model to the equation, and we absolutely have a winning formula on our hands.

Well done SI, well done.


It's time for an ATV ride to the natural pool! | @arubatourism @hiltonaruba #OneHappyIsland

Публикация от Sports Illustrated Swimsuit (@si_swimsuit)



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