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I’ve Waited Nine Months For It To Be Game Day Again – It’s Finally Here

Game day for myself and millions of Wisconsin Badgers fans is finally here tonight against Utah State.

It’s been a long nine months since the Badgers last took the field and defeated Western Michigan in the Cotton Bowl.

Lots has happened since football was back. Donald Trump was sworn in as president, we’ve had nonstop bickering in politics, we’ve had riots and Texas got hammered by Hurricane Harvey. It’s been a rough time for America lately, but football is always a stable pillar of optimism. Instead of having to see and hear about the garbage and negativity, we finally have something great and fun to watch and discuss.

Badgers football being back means nonstop debates among friends, sold out games at Camp Randall, night games, Big Ten rivalries and hopefully a conference championship and a spot in the playoff.

Did I show up to work together wearing Badgers gear from head to toe? You bet I did, and I look incredible. I wouldn’t expect anything less on game day. My fridge is stacked full with beer, I’ve got a couple steaks ready to go the moment I get home, and I’m ready to get this season fired up.

It’s been an interesting nine months, but I’m happy we all finally have football back in our lives.



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