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Lindsey Vonn Returns To The Slopes For Olympic Preparation

American skiing legend Lindsey Vonn returned to her preparation for the upcoming 2018 winter Olympics.

Vonn posted a video of herself early Wednesday morning in New Zealand on the slopes training for what is hopefully a gold medal.

“Made it out of the parking lot to see this view Doesn’t get much better! #lovemyjob #cantstop,” captioned the video of herself decked out in training gear.


The American social media sensation also recently posted a video of herself attempting to get up the ski hill, and the conditions were so terrible she was sliding down the road without even attempting to move.

Vonn is one of the most popular athletes in America, and it’s not hard to see why. She has created the perfect blend of athletic success and socialite status. There’s no doubt plenty of freedom-loving Americans will be cheering her when she takes the slopes in South Korea for the 2018 Olympics.


Made it out of the parking lot to see this view🙌🏻 Doesn't get much better! #lovemyjob #cantstop

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