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Kurt Busch Dilemma Proves Not Everything on the Internet is True

Kurt Busch was reportedly on his way out at Stewart-Haas Racing following the conclusion of the 2017 season…until he wasn’t.

As if we really needed another reminder of how unreliable the Internet and various anonymous “sources” can be, the stories surrounding the departure of Kurt Busch from Stewart-Haas Racing following the conclusion of the 2017 NASCAR Cup Series season were there to give it to us.

Because apparently the 2004 Cup Series champion isn’t departing from the team, contrary to certain reports. Then again, he very well might be. But nothing has been confirmed. When you have many different sources reporting two opposite sides of a story that is inevitably either real or fake, you have a problem on your hands; a big problem.

ESPN reported that Stewart-Haas Racing would not pick up the option Busch’s contract beyond the conclusion of the 2017 season. While this is true, other “news” outlets have blown it out of proportion saying that Busch will not return to the team in the 2018 season, which is the farthest thing from being a certainty, as the team could very well sign him once he becomes a free agent tomorrow, perhaps actually signing him for longer than has option would have allowed for.

Hardly any time passed until Stewart-Haas Racing responded to these claims by Tweeting on the subject.

Well, is Busch returning to Stewart-Haas Racing or not? After all of that, it’s still anyone’s guess. While speculation isn’t a bad thing, you can’t speculate something into existence and claim it as fact when it’s anything but.



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