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Inside Sleazy Tiger Woods’ Vulgar Sex Scandal With Rachel Uchitel

Tiger Wood’s extramarital affair with Rachel Uchitel spiraled out of control when the two began spending large amounts of time together, can reveal. The pro-golfer was still married to his longtime wife Elin Nordegren and yet he treated Uchitel as much more than just a casual fling.

As is told in Reelz’s latest clip, Scandal Made Me Famous: Tiger & Rachel, Wood’s friend and trusted employee, Biron Bell, emailed Uchitel in 2009 to send her her flight information, as she would be flying to meet Woods for a romantic rendezvous during the Australian Masters where he was competing.

“Tiger wanted to be with Rachel,” says People’s Senior Crime Reporter, Steve Helling in the clip, “but he knew he had to be discreet, and he had this whole plan for her to come with him to the Australian Masters and then to accompany him to Dubai, where he was building a golf course – but they had to be careful.”

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On November 12 of 2009, Uchitel arrived in Melbourne and checked into an exclusive hotel where Woods was staying. The golfer and his steam made sure there was no record of her name in the registry.

“There’s no paper trail, but she’s shown to this beautiful suite on the 35th floor, right near Tiger’s,” adds Helling.

“There were only two penthouse suites at the Crowne [Plaza] and they were right at the top of the building, uber-luxurious,” says Sports Journalist and Unplayable author, Robert Lusetich.

After Woods finished his round at the tournament, he allegedly texted his mistress, Uchitel, to confirm their date for the evening.

Woods was able to “compartmentalize his life,” continues Helling. “He had the golf box, he had the business box, he had the family and wife box, and then he had the adultery box.”



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