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Buster Posey says Phillies’ closer beaned him on purpose

Buster Posey took one off the ribs Sunday, the eighth time he's been hit by a pitch this season, matching a career high.

The Giants were also officially eliminated from the playoff race, making Posey a bit surly — by his standards — after the game.

“I’m pretty certain he hit me on purpose,” Posey said via the San Francisco Chronicle. “It’s just a shame because I wanted to compete in that at-bat. I guess he didn’t feel like he could get me out.”

Posey is referring to Phillies closer Hector Neris, who nailed the Giants catcher in the eighth inning of a 4-2 Philadelphia win. Neris denied the accusation.

“No chance,” Neris said. “I don’t want to put the game on the line. I’m going to attack the hitter. … I don’t want to hit anybody in that situation.”



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