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This Italian Tennis Player Is Making Waves On The Internet

Italian tennis player Camila Giorgi is drawing her fair share of attention online.

Giorgi made the round of 32 at Wimbledon, but is hardly the reason why she is making waves online. Instead of her prowess on the tennis court being the reason, it’s more likely she’s drawing most of the attention due to her incredible Instagram account. 

A great Instagram account won’t win you any matches, but it’ll certainly help you win over a few more new fans.

There might be more than just a few fans cheering for Giorgi to win it all at Wimbledon.


#goodmorning 🌼☀️ Pero siempre he pensado que la mejor forma de conocer a Dios, es amando muchas cosas ~Vincent van Gogh~🎨

Публикация от 🎀Camila Giorgi🎀 (@camila_giorgi_official)


#view #duomo #milano 😻 #onlygodcanjudgeme 🙏🏻

Публикация от 🎀Camila Giorgi🎀 (@camila_giorgi_official)


Por la esperanza del mañana sacrificamos el hoy, sin embargo la felicidad siempre está en el ahora❤ #jiddukrishnamurti #happiness

Публикация от 🎀Camila Giorgi🎀 (@camila_giorgi_official)



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