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No winning car next year will complicate things – Verstappen

Max Verstappen's father Jos, says his son needs a winning car next year otherwise things will become complicated, referring to whether or not his son stays with Red Bull after 2018.

Verstappen is contracted to Red Bull next year but it's believed he has the option to leave in 2019, and Jos Verstappen hinted that could be likely if he isn't provided with a car capable of regular race wins.

"Max wants to become a champion and he will do anything to win," Jos told RTL. "Right now he does not have such an opportunity, but he uses this year to become stronger."

The 19-year-old has had a string of reliability failures which has left him with half the points tally of his team-mate Daniel Ricciardo. Understandably frustrated, his father says things could be complicated further if the situation doesn't improve.

"Next year, it is clear what our goals are," he added. "We want to win, and if this does not happen, the situation will become more complicated.

"At the moment Max cannot do anything. He is doing everything right, and he feels good in his skin, but he just wants to win.

"That's what you notice about Max. The disappointment that he cannot win, which is why he has had some problems. He has never experienced that before."



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