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Are Jets the NFL’s worst team? Pro Football Talk says

Welcome to the always entertaining (not really) season of NFL rankings and lists. 

Power rankings of every stripe are rolling in, as teams prepare to begin training camps in late July. To that end, are the Jets the NFL's worst team? 

This question will be answered with actual, real events this autumn. But if you're into the whole prognostication thing, Pro Football Talk does indeed rank the Jets as the NFL's worst team. 

Which means nothing, really. Everybody knows the Jets will probably stink very badly in 2017. We'll see just how badly, and if they are indeed the NFL's worst team. 

Here are a couple snippets from PFT on why the Jets are 32nd in its power rankings: 

Coaching thermometer: It's at least 200 degrees for Todd Bowles as he enters his third year. Although owner Woody Johnson (who'll soon be handing the day-to-day reins to his brother but who surely will be involved in the big decisions) has said he's looking only for improvement this season, improvement will be difficult with so many key players gone and so many unproven players in their place.

How they can prove us wrong: Most teams have at least semi-plausible hope this time of year. But not the Jets. It's possible that they could avoid serious injuries throughout training camp and the preseason and slowly build confidence in September and then October, winning as many games as they lose. The guy who can help make that happen the most is veteran quarterback Josh McCown, who played very well with the Bears in 2013 but who has had tough situations in Tampa three years ago (no offensive coordinator) and in Cleveland for each of the past two seasons. If he can stay healthy and get help from [Matt] Forte, a young receiving corps, and an offensive line firmly in flux, maybe the Jets can surprise us. Which, based on currently expectations, would mean winning more than four games.

The New York Jets should have lots of salary cap space entering 2018 NFL free agency, as they continue their rebuild. Here are some guys they could target, including Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions.

Do you agree with PFT's ranking? Disagree? Don't care because it's a beautiful July day and you'd rather be soaking up sun than reading this nonsense? Sound off in the comments. 



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