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Former ESPN Reporter Takes Aim At Colin Kaepernick For ‘Independence Trip’ To Ghana

Former ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry criticized NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick in a blog post Wednesday for his comments on leaving the U.S. July 4 for Ghana to find his “personal independence.”

Kaepernick posted a video of his trip on social media Tuesday, along with messages pertaining to social injustice and finding his roots.

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“I’ll tell you how, Colin. Americans can celebrate the official birth of this nation because despite all its flaws, for one day, there’s a reminder of unity no matter how many efforts you make to dismantle it,” McHenry wrote. “While you focus on your philanthropic efforts, which are admirable, perhaps you can also employ that same effort to go into a voting booth. If you’re going to continually complain about the perceived slights and rights you don’t have, perhaps take the right you do have and back it up.”

McHenry went on to say that she can “truly celebrate” Independence Day because it’s a way to honor veterans. She touched on the impact of veterans in her own life, as well as others. Her father deployed to Iraq for nine months when she was a child.

“My admiration will always go towards the men and women who have walked away from their loved ones, through fields of IEDs, and into the dangerous unknown,” McHenry added. “It will never go to the athlete who takes a knee after losing his starting job.

This is not the first time McHenry has aired her opinon be known. She recently grabbed headlines for a since-deleted tweet that implied ESPN fired her for her conservative political views. In 2015, a video was published showing McHenry mocking a parking lot attendant, telling her to “lose some weight, baby girl.”

McHenry’s blog post was the first one she has published since March. She was a part of the laundry list of employees ESPN laid off in April.



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