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Common Pro-Danica Patrick Excuses Hold No Water

Despite a terrible NASCAR Cup Series career through four-plus seasons, people still defend Danica Patrick’s driving skills. A few particular excuses they use hold no water whatsoever.

Danica Patrick has now driven full-time in the NASCAR Cup Series for nearly four and a half seasons. In her 171 career races, she has severely underachieved. She has captured one pole position back in 2013 for the Daytona 500 and she has finished in the top 10 in just seven races. Also, she has never finished in the top 5, and her career-high finish is only a 6th place effort at Atlanta in 2014.

Over the past 81 races, she has just one top 10 finish, and that was just a 10th place effort at Dover earlier this season. Naturally after so many seasons of consistent underachievement, with the worst of which being recently, there has been talk about her retiring from the sport.

However, a lot of people have not been graceful after hearing these rumors and recommendations that Danica Patrick will and should retire. They have resorted to arguments that hold no water whatsoever to back up Danica Patrick’s driving skills of all things. In fact, those “arguments” are pretty much just poor excuses.

Some people say that if her team would give her a good race car, she would perform well every week. That is simply not true, especially seeing as how she has a fast race car but still have been unable to deliver good results through almost five seasons driving for Stewart-Haas Racing, one of the sport’s top teams. What more can you ask for?

That excuse ties in with the next one. People also say that if she leaves, other drivers who perform worse than she does should leave as well. Yes, there are drivers that finish lower than her during races and in the standings on a regular basis; that much is true.

However, those are drivers driving for small and underfunded teams that many people probably haven’t ever even heard of before. Meanwhile, she is driving for Stewart-Haas Racing; she is expected to beat not only those other drivers every race but other drivers on top teams!



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