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New video captures Tiger Woods struggling with breathalyser test in jail

Jupiter police have released surveillance video showing the moment Tiger Woods struggles to blow into a breathalyser test in jail after he was arrested early Monday morning asleep at the wheel of his running car.

The video shows the 41-year-old golfer barefoot inside of the jail and he appears to be completely disoriented and slightly swaying, according to Daily Mail.

When asked what his hair and eye colour is by an officer, Woods takes a long pause before saying "I don't know".

"Mostly brown and fading and brown," he adds.

He then agrees to submit to a breathalyzer test and slowly walks over to sit in a nearby chair to take it. While sitting in the chair, he appears to fall asleep briefly – his head is slightly nodding before he leans it completely against the wall.

A few minutes later, a female officer asks the father-of-two to stand up and walk a few steps towards her to take the breathalyser test, to which he complies.

She instructs him to blow into the test several times, as it appears as though he is confused about how to do so.

"Take a deep breath in and now blow out," she tells Woods. "Blow out. Good there you go, keep going keep going."

She then instructs him to take a seat again, but he just continues to stand in front of her for a few moments before she says he can just stand there if he wants to.



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