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The incredible aspect of the Patriots’ Super Bowl ring design

On Friday, the New England Patriots organization presented players, coaches, staff and executives with their Super Bowl LI championship rings at Robert Kraft’s private residence.

Not only did the ring commemorate New England’s fifth Super Bowl title, but it also paid homage to the memorable comeback victory that Tom Brady and company accomplished.

Patriots spokesman Stacey James confirmed that the rings all have 283 diamonds.
If that number doesn’t jump out at you, consider this: New England was down 28-3 in the third quarter before scoring 31 unanswered points to pull off the unthinkable.

Therefore, 283 is significant, as it helps tell the story of the epic comeback in a glamorous way. 

"We celebrated our first Super Bowl ring ceremony 15 years ago to the day," said Patriots Chairman and CEO Kraft in a statement. "It was our first Super Bowl championship in 42 years and, at the time, I couldn't imagine a more exciting game or ring celebration. But, we have had the good fortune to now celebrate five Super Bowl championships, and much like the games themselves, the rings and the celebrations keep getting bigger and better.”

“It was a historic comeback win and the players deserve to have a ring that represents that accomplishment, so we created the biggest Super Bowl ring ever made,” Kraft continued.

According to ESPN, the amount of diamonds used in this ring is the most ever used in a Super Bowl ring and is double the amount than what the Pats used to celebrate their 2004 and 2005 Super Bowl victories.

The team owner also seemed to love seeing the surprised reactions from his players and coaches. “Watching the expressions of the players and coaches when they saw them for the first time and the overwhelming pride when they put them on was priceless,” he said.

After receiving the ring, Brady took an iconic photo with a handful of hardware that would make any Patriots fan smile. 



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