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Daily Caller Hero Nate Schmidt Ripped Away From The Washington Capitals

It’s a sad and dark day in the nation’s capital as Daily Caller hero Nate Schmidt has been ripped away from the Washington Capitals by the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

The NHL expansion draft was held Wednesday night, and Schmidt was the final pick. The pick was announced in front of a live audience, and Capitals goalie Braden Holtby’s reaction probably speaks for Caps fans everywhere.


Schmidt sat down with The Daily Caller early on during the 2016-17 season to discuss life in the NHL, college hockey, women, life and how awesome the movie “Miracle” is. I was having an awful hair day, but other than that, the interview was a huge success.

As somebody who grew up in the world of sports it’s extremely rare to find somebody with his level of success and his level of humility. He came across as somebody who you’re more likely to meet after crushing a few beers before a rec-league game, and that’s enough to make him a Daily Caller hero.


It’s a dark day for sports in D.C., but pour out a few cold ones for the good times. It’s what Schmidt would want from all of us.



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