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Will Elise Lobb’s Skirt Ever Beat The Wind? It Seems Like The Answer Is No

Elise Lobb continued to prove her resolve when it comes to her skirt’s apparent never-ending battle with the wind on the golf course.

Lobb posted a photo, which has thousands of likes from her fans, of herself on the green while sizing up a putt. As usual she didn’t disappoint her loyal legions of fans with her outfit, and this time she busted out a black skirt with a gray and black top. (

She captioned the photo, “Hmmm what am I laughing at? or maybe I’m just happy I’m on the course playing golf and haven’t had a 3-putt #golf #happyplace.” 

Lobb’s outfits have recently been fighting an ongoing battle with the wind, and it’s tough to argue she’s been winning.



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