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Move to four quarter games in NCAA gains ‘no traction’

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel convened Friday and discussed some proposals, some small, others large, but the biggest takeaway from the meeting is that the NCAA will not be changing men's basketball games from halves to quarters.

The women's game made the change in 2015 and the NIT experimented with it this past season, but the NCAA will not be implementing the rule anytime soon on the men's side. At least not for next season.

According to the Charlotte Observer, "The idea of splitting the game into four, 10-minute quarters (instead of two, 20-minute halves) did not gain any traction after the NCAA experimented with it during the NIT."

Should the change have been made, instead of seven fouls in a half sending a team to a one-and-one scenario and 10 fouls giving a team two shots automatically, the bonus would instead have come after five fouls per quarter. That means fouls would have reset after each quarter, but when a team tallied five fouls in one quarter, their opponent would have automatically been in the double bonus, eliminating the one-and-one.

Going from halves to quarters would mark a dramatic change, but one that has seen some good results in women's college basketball. It speeds up the game and keeps 10-minute stretches of games from turning into free throw contests, like the national championship game between North Carolina and Gonzaga this season.

Some changes that will be made for the 2017-18 season: the coaching box will be expanded from 28 to 38 feet, and replay will be expanded in the final two minutes of a game to allow officials to look at block/charge fouls.



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