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Eddie Lacy Got A Bunch Of Extra Money For Losing A Little Weight

Eddie Lacy is a large running back. This has always been the case, going back to high school when he was a 220 pound back out of Dutchtown High School in Geismar, Louisiana. Lacy carries a great deal of weight with relative ease, but at times in his career, he’s let himself go and got too big, even for his frame.

So, when the Seahawks inked the former Packer to a deal this offseason they put in some weight requirements, that will make him weigh in at different intervals prior to and during the season. So long as he hits his goals, he’ll receive added financial incentives. His first weigh-in was Monday and Lacy needed to come in under 255 pounds to collect $55,000. Easy money, for Big Eddie.

He crushed it at 253 pounds, comfortably under the limit. Lacy can absolutely be a productive back at 255 pounds and it seems as though he’s ready for a bounce-back season after injuries kept him off the field for much of 2016. Lacy was listed on the Packers website at 234 pounds, which is fairly funny considering the incentives started at 255 pounds with Seattle.

People love to clown professional athletes for being overweight, but props to Lacy for looking to continue his career and managing his weight at the same time. Hopefully, he keeps hitting his goals and collecting these checks. Also, the man’s rushed for 3,435 yards in his 51 game career and he’s been big for all 51 of those games (some larger than others), so let’s not act as though he can’t produce at a bigger weight. You or me weighing 253 pounds and Eddie Lacy weight 253 pounds are two very different things because he is a level of athlete that the rest of us are not.



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