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Celtics GM says Lonzo Ball rejected workout request ahead of NBA Draft

Earlier this month LaVar Ball said his son Lonzo would work out only for the Lakers. Turns out he wasn't bluffing.

Celtics GM Danny Ainge appeared on the "Toucher & Rich" radio show Thursday and confirmed that Ball's camp turned down a request to work out with the team. Boston, of course, has the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft next month and Ball is a potential selection, but Ainge admits the rejection doesn't bode well for him.

"It's not ideal," Ainge said about how Ball's rejection affects his chances with the Celtics.

He then continued by saying the lack of a workout isn't going to be the single deciding factor.

"Well, listen, we've drafted guys that wouldn't come in for workouts before, it's not the end of the world, we've watched them play a ton, we have a lot of information on them," he said. "Sometimes players don't want to come in, not because they don't like you, but because they see our roster, they think they want to go to another team."

Ainge said Ball never provided a reason why, adding his camp "politely declined."

While Ball didn't give a reason to Ainge, the reason appears to be obvious from the outside. Both LaVar and Lonzo have made it clear the Lakers are the place to be. When the Lakers won the No. 2 pick in the lottery, a camera in the Ball household showed the family celebrating.

The interesting thing here is Ball seems fine not being the first pick, as long as it means he gets to play for the Lakers. Most players would be thrilled to be drafted first overall, or even drafted for that matter. But Ball feels comfortable trying to pick his destination and is doing everything possible to make sure he ends up where he wants.



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