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Myles Garrett threatens Browns to take him No. 1 overall

Former Texas A&M star defensive lineman Myles Garrett is regarded by pretty much everyone as the No. 1 overall prospect heading into the 2017 NFL Draft.

And it appears as though Garrett fully expects and wants his name to be called by Roger Goodell with the first selection.

In fact, he won’t accept any outcome but that.

When ESPN The Magazine’s Sam Alipour asked Garrett why he should be the first pick, he made a simple threat towards any team that would make the mistake of passing him up:

“Because I'll be a difference maker from day one. And I'm not gonna be in any trouble. I'm just gonna make plays and bring a good atmosphere to your organization. And I'm gonna start winning and winning now. And because if you don't draft me No. 1, I will punish your team for the next 10 to 12 years. I'll knock your QB out of the game every time we play you, and I'll have to kick the hell out of No. 1, whoever it is.”

Therefore, if the Browns (or any other team who could possibly trade for the first pick) decide to pass on him, they’d be on his personal hit list.

Garrett is not only the top talent in this draft class, but he’s also incredibly knowledgeable, outspoken and driven.

An example of his drive and determination was evident when he was asked who he’d most like to be compared to when he reaches the NFL.

NFL Combine – Day 5

“You can compare me to those wide receivers and the great stars of the league, but I want to show that I'm in a league of my own. I don't want anybody to be like me. By the end of my career, I don't want to hear talk of another Myles Garrett.”

He continued, “I want to be the greatest. The greatest that ever played, regardless of position or era. They say that's Jerry Rice. If his total greatness is considered the best of all time, I want to exceed that.”

That answer should make Browns fans very, very excited. 

Texas A&M v Auburn

As for that earlier plea for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys to move up and draft him? Apparently that was all in good fun.

“The Cowboys are my hometown team, but when push comes to shove, I want to go No. 1. I don't want trades, wondering where my fate lies. Whoever has the first pick, just go ahead and take me. I have no allegiance. I want to go No. 1.”

In 10 games played for the Aggies as a junior in 2016, Garrett recorded 8.5 sacks, 15.0 tackles for losses and 33 total tackles along with a fumble recovery and two forced fumbles. It’s important to say that he also played part of the season injured.

AutoZone Liberty Bowl – Texas A&M v West Virginia

In 34 total games played over his three seasons at Texas A&M, he had 31.0 sacks, 47.0 tackles for losses, 141 total tackles, an interception, five pass deflections, a fumble recovery and seven forced fumbles.

He will look to wreak havoc on NFL quarterbacks like no one ever has. If the Browns don’t select him, they have already been warned about what might happen by Garrett himself.



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