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Lewis Hamilton tweets after second practice is called off at Chinese GP

After a phenomenal season opener in Australia, focus now turns to the Far East with China scheduled to host the second race of the Formula One calendar.

Into the next race in China this weekend, serious concerns have arisen with bad weather disrupting every session leading to the highly anticipated race on Sunday.

The first practice session was halted on more than one occasion as weather interrupted proceedings with two lengthy red flag periods.

They had doubts the medical helicopter would be able to operate in case of an accident during the session. Although scenes were under control in and around the track, the condition was worse near the downtown hospital, where landing the vehicle was virtually impossible.

Formula One race director Charlie Whiting issued a statement stating the causes, saying: “The helicopter can’t land at the hospital, which is about 38 kilometres away unfortunately.

“It looks reasonable here [at the circuit], I know, and there are helicopters flying here, but they can’t actually land in downtown Shanghai.”



Meanwhile, Mercedes ace Lewis Hamilton is hoping for a swift turnaround and expects the matter to be resolved before the commencement of the race in two days time.

Moments after the cancellation, the Brit was seen making his way to the grandstand where he engaged with his fans among the spectators. He signed hats and flung them towards the stands, who eagerly waited for the action to start.

The former world champion took to social media, apologising to the racing faithful for the turn of events.

All teams are being kept updated regarding the weather at every ten minutes from the Shanghai airport.

With only a handful of laps on the first session and no laps on Friday, drivers are heading into final practice and qualifying on Saturday with minimal statistics on setup data and tyre wear.

A similar forecast is predicted for the entire weekend as well, with officials apprehensive of the results on Sunday.



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