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Emotional: Roger Federer Relives Second By Second His Australian Open Success

In a video for Eurosport, Roger Federer relived second by second his match point against Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open final that allowed him to win his 18th Grand Slam title. Roger described all the moments very intensely.

'I'm about to serve for my second match point, I missed on the first match point and so I thought okay I'll go to the backhand on this one and I hope I get a weak response by Rafa so that I can play with the forehand, which is exactly what happened',

Federer said. 'I had the forehand on the middle of the court and I hit more spin on the ball than I thought I would and it went quite on an angle out of his backhand side and the next thing I know is stop playing, challenge the call of course because it was so close and I turned around and I realized it was IN, the match was over. Hawkeye shows up on the line and you see all your friends and family there celebrating.'

'I realized 'all over, you did it, so happy'.

 The crowd, big roar, all emotional and then of course I shaked Rafa's hand, congratulated him for the great tournament. Rafa has definitely been very particular in my career, he made me a better player. 

And that's the first time where you really celebrate, you see me screaming, I went down on one knee because I was so tired. I didn't know what I was doing but I was so exhausted and so happy. I've been definitely happier when my kids were born and when I got married, but it ranks very high.'



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