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Details about LeBron’s return to Cleveland revealed in new book

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers have been likened to a soap opera numerous times this season and for good reason as the team has been the center of media attention despite winning an NBA Championship last season.

Last night’s 114-100 loss to a severely undermanned Atlanta Hawks team will do little to quiet the constant rumblings surrounding the club. A lot of this is due to the fatigue of the constant drama that being a perennial contender brings.

Back when LeBron returned from Miami in 2014 though, everything was lovely in the state of Ohio for the entire summer. People were celebrating in the streets on the day that his well-received essay was published in Sports Illustrated announcing his return.

This week, fans could shift back to those wonderful days as journalists Brian Windhorst and David McMenamin have unearthed new details about his decision to return home two seasons ago. The book tells the story of everything from that summer to winning the Finals last year.

On Zach Lowe’s ESPN podcast, Windhorst shared some of the most revealing details without spoiling the rest of the read. One of the most hotly debated items about the return was whether Dwyane Wade knew about it and the two writers got the whole story.

They discovered that Lee Jenkins, the author of the piece, was summoned to Las Vegas privately days in advance. Then, he and James met to write the piece the day before it came out. Apparently, Wade was in the dark like most other people involved were.

Things got so hectic that as the current Chicago Bull and his friend rode home from Vegas, James was editing a draft of the letter while Wade was on the plane with him. Wade admitted that he felt something about LeBron’s body language was strange on the flight.

Still, for two superstars that are so close and had shared four years together, the decision to keep Flash in the dark seems strange. James’ agent answered why they chose to keep the shooting guard out of the loop.

Rich Paul said: “You can’t ask Dwyane to carry that (secret). He couldn’t. It would’ve put him in a terrible position.”



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