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Chinese Grand Prix: What Did We Learn From The Race?

The Chinese GP provided some good viewing, with some fantastic manoueveres taking place. It also gave us more insight into what we should expect for the rest of the season.
Is it time for Ferrari to replace the Iceman?

Kimi Raikkonen will forever be regarded as an extroadinary driver, but is it time for Ferrari to search for a younger, hungrier driver? 

Since his return to Ferrari his form has been indifferent, and after Vettel joined Ferrari from Red Bull in 2015, Raikkonen has always been a bit off his German team mate's pace. Over the past two years his form has declined even more and it suggests to us that his long career in F1 may be coming to an end. For me, the candidates for his seat would have to be either of the Red Bull drivers, as they are both good drivers who are lacking a competitive car which is something that Ferrari can offer them based on their early form this season.

Is Vettel the real deal in 2017?

Sebastian Vettel has started off 2017 in superb fashion. A win in Australia and a second place finish in China has him tied with Lewis Hamilton on 43 points in the championship standings. Will Ferrari be able to keep up with Mercedes enough so that Vettel can have a tilt at his 5th World Championship? 

Vettels confidence is sky high and it looks like his decision to move to Ferrari is finally paying off. With the Renault engine again looking like it is holding Red Bull back it realistically leaves 3 other drivers to challenge Vettel for the title. Of those 3, Valteri Bottas is yet to prove himself as a contender and Kimi Raikkonen as mentioned above is unable to match his team mates place. As we start to get through a few more races, we will begin to get more of an idea as to how realistic Vettels chances are.

Who are the best of the rest?

Unfortunately for us fans who want to see some competitive racing, there is a large gap between Ferrari and Mercedes and the rest of the field. Whilst the battle for the championship looks to be a two horse race, it looks to be the battle in the mid pack between teams such as Williams, Haas, Toro Rosso and Force India. 

Currently those four teams sit 4th,5th,6th and 7th in the constructors and it looks to be an intriguing battle. Williams in the last few seasons have been the best of the lot, but their recent form mixed with a weaker 2017 driver pairing could see them fall back into the pack. Hopefully for our sake some of these teams can start to put some pressure on Red Bull in the coming races.



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