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2017 NFL Draft: Winners and Losers from Day 2

Day 2 of the 2017 NFL Draft has wrapped up, who were the winners and losers?

Day 2 of the 2017 NFL Draft did not disappoint following a great Day 1. Obviously, there were some big implications, both good and bad, thanks to the events of Friday night. SO who were the big winners and who were the big losers from Day 2 of the NFL Draft?

Philip Rivers has been a winner from the entire draft thus far. Looking just at Day 2 it is enough to call him a winner. With the team’s two Day 2 picks the team picked the top two guards in the draft. That is big time.

Both of the players, Forrest Lamp and Dan Feeney, represented good value for the Chargers. They are both solid in every ware on offense and they both give Rivers incredibly valuable and overdue time in the pocket.

Couple them with Mike Williams in the first round and Philip Rivers has to be a happy man.

The Carolina Panthers offense
For too long, Cam Newton has been the majority of the Panthers offense, well not anymore. The Panthers drafted athlete Curtis Samuel in the second round and he is just another offensive weapon to take pressure of Newton and open up the offense for every single other player. Just Samuel would have been good, but pairing him with Christian McCaffrey is terrifying for opposing defenses.

Newton will no longer have to shoulder such a heavy load and now he has two electric players to hand the ball off too or throw it too. Newton and Shula must be grinning ear-to-ear at how the draft has gone thus far.

Every New York Giants defensive lineman
The Giants drafted Alabama defensive tackle Dalvin Tomlinson and now everyone in the Giants defensive line room has won.

If Tomlinson is the starter next to Damon Harrison, every starter on the Giants defensive line demands a double team. Harrison and Tomlinson are so big and powerful that you have to dedicate two guys, and Vernon and Pierre-Paul are both so fast off the edge they need two guys to slow them down.

If you leave any two of them with one n ones I like their chance to seriously disrupt the offense they are facing and all of them are in line for one of their most productive seasons if this all comes together.

Jeremy Hill

Jeremy Hill looked like one of the most promising running backs in the NFL during his rookie season but since then he has been very disappointing. With the Bengals selection of Joe Mixon I can’t see Hill being on the roster or getting any significant playing time.

Mixon is a complete back, he can play every down and do everything that Hill and even Giovani Bernard can do. Couple that with how disappointing Hill has been and there just isn’t room on the roster or in the gameplan for the bruiser out of LSU.

It’s been a very quick and very depressing turnaround for Jeremy Hill.

Calvin Pryor
Calvin Pryor was meant to be the Jets next great DB, that hasn’t played out at all and now the Jets have drafted two players, both of whom could have individually been replacements for Pryor.

The Jets selected Marcus Maye in the second round, a safety who has a good blend of cover skills, tackling skills and he hits people hard. That is what Pryor was meant to be. Pryor was not part of this coaching staffs draft strategy and now that they have two better prospects for his position I don’t see any way that Pryor is on the roster, even if they don’t find a trade partner.

Mark Ingram
Mark Ingram was already a loser when the Saints signed Adrian Peterson as Peterson figures to take Ingram’s role in that offense. However, there still figured to be snaps for him as he was next on the depth chart. Well I don’t think he will be anymore.

The Saints got a steal in Alvin Kamara in the third round and I think Kamara and Peterson will be the Saints backfield this season. Peterson is the between the tackles, goal line and short yardage back and Kamara is their change of pace and receiving back. Ingram can’t be happy with the Saints recent activity and must be thinking his days in New Orleans are numbered. 



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