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Tim Tebow’s first look at a Max Scherzer fastball didn’t go very well

The push to play Major League Baseball for Tim Tebow has continued to roll on, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. While Tebow hasn't done much, if anything, to prove that he's capable of playing with anyone above possibly single-A or double-A, he's still out there putting the work in.

Most recently, Tebow was assigned to the Class-A Columbia Fireflies to start next season, but he's still at New York Mets' spring training getting work in against top-class pitchers. He wound up finding himself up against one of the best in the business in National League Cy Young winner Max Scherzer during a Grapefruit League game.

To put it gently, the matchup against Scherzer, who posted a 2.96 ERA with 284 strikeouts and a win/loss record of 20-7 last year, didn't go anywhere close to well for Tebow. Don't believe it? Well, check out this video of the entire (very short) at bat from Tebow, courtesy of Jay White on Twitter.

While it was a brutal three-pitch strikeout for Tebow, it's not like big-league batters had a whole lot more success against Scherzer either. Even still, the first fastball that came from Scherzer seemed to basically blow Tebow away, but let's give the guy a bit of a break here.

He did just start playing baseball with this organization and it's his first full offseason with an MLB team. So, kudos to Tebow for at least taking a few hacks at it and trying to get a hit off one of the best pitchers in baseball.

While an immediate MLB future doesn't seem to be in the cards for Tebow, maybe he can continue improving and work his way up the ranks. He still has quite a bit of work to do, but major props should go out to him for pushing for his dream and at least doing all he can to make one of the teams for the Mets because it's a dream that not many players get to see come true at all



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