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Stan Wawrinka: ‘Federer Is The Goat, There Are No Limits For Him’

Stan Wawrinka had an interesting interview with Tages Anzeiger where he spoke about his knee condition. ´I had to take two weeks off becauae it took time to heal,´ said Wawrinka, who is currently playing Indian Wells. 

´In Australia I didn´t want to give importance to it because I am a kind of person who doesn´t like to speak about injuries or issues. I think that it doesn´t bring anything.

It´s true that this problem was a little bit more serious. It started after the First round and unlucky it didn´t get better. The wrost moment was the semi-final against Roger. In the last two games of the second set I had a serious pain. Then I got tired and the physio bandaged my knee improving the situation. After that, I was relaxed, changed tactics and played aggressive.´
Commenting on Pat Cash who said Federer cheated as he called two medical time out in the last rounds of the tournament, Wawrinka said, ´

He took his time due to a muscle issue as I did in the third set due to my knee. It didn´t break my rhythm. I am convinced Roger was in pain. But how many times do I see players who take ten minutes to go the toilet? It´s normal. If you go to the toilet, there should be a time set. two minutes.´

He also praised Federer. ´He is incredible. He is the best player of all time. There are no limits for him. Winning a Major title after taking six months off is unbelievable, but I mean, we are speaking about Roger. Also before his injury, he was always in the semi-finals or final, last year he reached Wimbledon semi-final despite his knee. His level was always there.'

´I think growing up, always Roger, behind him, doesn´t matter how you want to call it, it was great to me. Best player ever, No. 1 player. I shared some amazing moments at Davis Cup, Olympics, a lot of practice experience. So it helped me a lot to make me the player I am now. When I was younger, for sure, I could ask him a lot of advice or a lot of question about player, about a lot of things. 

When I start to have those years on the tour, to know all the player, then for sure I need to ask him less question. I know all those players. I know what to do. So that´s when we stop a little bit talking about tennis in general or about players, or there is a moment when he was asking me question, also. So, you know, we just talk when we feel like talking. It´s good for us. It´s that simple. It´s not like he helped me or I help him or we stop. We have great relation. He´s great friends. We always enjoy to be on the tour in the same tournament.´

He is obviously satisfied with the results he got in the last years: ´You have to see the whole picture, you can´t only take what´s good but you have also to think what you need to improve. But I can´t complain.

I won three Grand Slam titles in three years. Australia (2014) was a new thing, Roland Garros (2015) like the achievement of my game. The US Open was the most extreme tournament, full of feelings, worries, mental and physical struggles. In New York it was all extreme.´



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