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Roger Federer breaks a new historical record

Once again a new record for Roger Federer. The Swiss tennis player has been in the top 50 of the ATP Rankings for 875 weeks. 

From June 2000 Roger, who was 18 aged at that time, has never left the top-50 of the ATP ranking and he also becomes the first player in this special list, overcoming Jimmy Connors who was there for 873 weeks despite he played until he was 44 (he took part in a very few events in the last part of his career, though). 

After Connors we have John McEnroe with 827 weeks, then Ivan Lendl at 801 weeks and Pete Sampras in the fifth place with 710 weeks.

All this was possible thanks to his longevity, as Roger admitted in an interview last month. Having a smart schedule was one of the keys:

 'I always make sure I have enough breaks, enough holidays, build up, tournaments, practice. 

The whole thing needs to come together. Maybe it’s tricky coming back the first couple of matches, but once you’re in, it’s a big advantage you had time off. It’s not easy to sit on the sidelines to see four, eight to 10 guys winning tournaments while you’re sitting at home working out. Working out doesn’t give you a whole lot of points.'



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